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Nearby Sights

Tanigawa Plum Grove

Tanigawa Plum Grove (15-20 min by car)

Tachibana-machi is one of Kyushu's leading plum growing areas. The Tanigawa Plum Grove, with approximately 30,000 white plum trees blooming across a vast 80-hectare hillside, is said to be one of the three best plum gardens in Kyushu.

Address: Tanigawa Umebayashi, Tachibanamachi, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0943-23-4941 (Office of Industry and Economy Section, Yame City Tachibana Branch)

Shogonin Onoko Daibutsu (Great Buddha)

Shogonin Onoko Daibutsu (Great Buddha) (10 min by car)

Mr. Ho’un Nishida sculpts Buddhist statues for temples all over Japan. The 4m, 80cm tall Onoko Daibutsu statue that sits in Shogonin Temple was created by Mr. Nishida with hope of laying to rest the souls of those who lost their lives in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Address: 1860-1 Tachibanamachi Kitayama, Yame City
Phone: 0943-23-7177

Yame City Tasaki Hirosuke Museum

Yame City Tasaki Hirosuke Museum (15 min by car)

This museum collects, preserves, and exhibits the works of Tasaki Hirosuke, a Western-style painter born in Tachibana-machi, Yame City in 1898. After returning to Japan after studying in Paris, he became fascinated by Japanese mountains and established himself as a “mountain painter.”

Address: 108-1 Tachibanamachi Harashima, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: 0943-24-8304
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Closed: Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a national holiday), Year-end and New Year holidays
Admission: Free

Mt. Tobikata Triangle Lookout

Mt. Tobikata Triangle Lookout (30 min by car and foot)

Mt. Tobikata has long been a place of workshop, and mikan oranges, kiwi, bamboo shoots, and other crops are grown here. From the observation deck, visitors can enjoy a wide view of the Chikugo Plains.
*There is a parking lot nearby, but visitors must still climb a (paved) mountain path to reach the observation deck.

Address: Tachibanamachi Kitayama, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Tachibana Michi no Eki (Roadside Station)

Tachibana Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) (20-25 min by car)

This nationally renowned roadside station sells seasonal fruits and vegetables, straight from local growers. At the Shochikubai Restaurant, you can enjoy a meal made with Tachibana’s produce.

Address: 315-1 Tachibanamachi Shimobeharu, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: 0943-37-1711
Hours: 9:00-18:00 / Shochikubai Restaurant 10:00-18:00 (Last Order 17:00)
Closed: 2nd Wednesday of each month, Year-end and New Year holidays

Tachibana Wine

Tachibana Wine (15 min by car)

Tachibana Wine began as a maker of kiwi fruit wine, a specialty of Tachibana. Today, they make a wide range of wines from strawberries, plums, figs, mikan oranges, blueberries, yuzu, grapes, and more. Wine-tastings and tours are available.

Address: 726 Tachibanamachi Kanematsu, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: 0943-37-1081
Hours: 8:30-17:00
Closed: Tuesdays (except national holidays and during the February Plum Blossom Viewing Party), Year-end and New Year holidays

Onokoyaki no Sato Pottery Village

Onokoyaki no Sato Pottery Village (12 min by car)

Said to be the oldest kiln in the Chikugo region, this pottery village was created to revive the Onoko Ware tradition. Currently, works by potter Sakae Yanagiya are on display and available for purchase.

Address: 1965 Tachibanamachi Kitayama, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefrecture
Phone: 0943-22-8023
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
Closed: Closed Irregularly

Morihiro Kaji Kojo

Morihiro Kaji Kojo (5 min by car)

The owner of Morihiro Kaji Kojo, Yasuaki Taira, crafts knives for professional and home use. These hard and long-lasting blades are forged one-by-one from the highest class steel.

Address: 440-4 Tachibana-machi Shiraki, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: 0943-35-0051 
Hours: 8:30 to 18:00
Closed: Sundays, Year-end and New Year holidays

Omichidani no Sato Farmhouse Guesthouse

Omichidani no Sato Farmhouse Guesthouse (5 min by car)

This 100-year-old farmhouse-turned-guesthouse accommodates one group of guests per night. Enjoy home-cooked meals full of local veggies prepared by the hosts, mother-daughter Kayo and Makiko Nakashima.

Address: 4578-1 Tachibanamachi Shiraki, Yame-shi, Fukuoka
Phone: 0943-35-0760
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00
*Check-in and check-out times may vary depending on if any experience programs are requested. Details will be provided at the time of reservation.
Closed: Year-end and New Year's holidays, Bon holidays (in July), and the busy farming season.

Dream Tachibana Village

Dream Tachibana Village (2 min by car)

A small campground is nestled in the quiet mountainside. Toilets, showers, and electronic device charging is available on-site, making it a good choice for beginner campers, families camping with small children, and work retreats.

Address: 3720 Tachibana-machi Shiraki, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: 0943-35-0022
Car Camping Check-in 12:00 / Check-out 11:00
Bungalow Check-in 14:00 / Check-out 10:00
Dorm-Style Lodging Check-in 14:00 / Check-out 10:00
Closed: Tuesdays, Year-end and New Year Holidays